… if it ain’t got that swing.

Yeah, I know I’ve chosen an overused and unoriginal title for my blog, but it is so relevant that I couldn’t help myself. The main purpose of this blog is to look at music of the Swing genre (notice I didn’t write era) from a dancer’s point of view in order to give meaning to our movements.

I started Swing Dancing in 2001, at the same time I was studying for my Bachelor of Music degree. 13 years later I haven’t lost my passion for either- I still dance regularly and I’m more of a music history geek than ever. Through my research, I’ve seen information on Swing musicians from a musical and historical perspective, but never from a dancer’s perspective, so I thought I’d share some facts, opinions and ideas that will hopefully provide dancers with a bigger picture of what the music is all about.

I don’t want this to be a lecture or a regurgitated Wikipedia page. I intend for the blog to be a starting point for conversation and further research. If you have something of value to add, please feel free to comment. Equally if you want more information about something, I’m happy to oblige.

Hopefully what I share here will help the Swing Dance community to understand the music they dance to and in turn react to it in a different way. We shouldn’t passively move our bodies around a dancefloor, simply going through the steps in time with the music. We should be interacting with the music and sharing the dynamics and emotions that it is expressing.

In order for our dancing to mean anything, we have to understand the swing.

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